Greenlane Introduction Day 27th December


The day started early with a big breakfast, one thing we’ve learnt here at lanestracksandtrails (LT&T) is to set

off with a full stomach, you never know when you might get stuck and miss that planned meal break, if your

working hard in the cold then the last thing you want to worry about is being hungry!


We had three people driving our vehicles and one with their own 4×4. This gave all of the newcomers a chance

to try all of the different vehicles and hopefully find one that suits their requirements.


At the outset we introduced everyone to each other and gave a short talk on where and what we were planning

on doing. A nice little water crossing soon got people using their 4WD and asking questions about high or low



After a short drive we started entering the main set of lanes, some nice rocky sections giving confidence in the

driver’s abilities. It was great to see three youngsters brought along for the day, plenty of smiles and laughter

as we bounced over the first set of rocks.


Then on to some muddy and wooded sections before we finally looked over to a fantastic view of the river

Tamar, with Brunel’s bridge in the distance and the shores of Cornwall and Devon. We carried on a little further

and crossed the river Tavy, plenty of grins and water splashing, one of the kids was feeling brave and kept the

window open to feel the water splashing in!


One final water crossing at Lopwell Dam, before we climbed up some steep rocks that throw you around a little

and where we demonstrated vehicle control when approaching an obstacle at the correct speed, not too slow

and certainly not too fast!


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Plenty of questions about “When can we go again?” “When ever you like” we replied.