Greenlaning 2nd August

Saturday morning came with drizzle (well it is August!). We all gathered at the R/V point just after 10am and replenished with fuel and made sure that everyone had food and visited the loo’s etc. Jim lead the trucks to Ashburton where he left his vehicle and jumped in with Simon and his Dad who came along to see where his son kept disappearing to!

In the convoy were Sean & Karen  from Newquay and two of their children followed by Lee & Debs from Paignton again with two little kids – a real family day out. It was Lee’s first time off the tarmac in his Pajero having sold a Delica. 

The mornings session took in 5 local byways which were a nice introduction for Lee and Debs, the last one being a little more tricky with Jim guiding Lee through on foot. The Sun came out too!

We then drove over the more remote parts of Dartmoor stopping for lunch at Combestone Tor. 

After the break we met Neal at Yelverton who (again with Jim riding shotgun) lead the afternoon session which started with a ‘jaw dropping’ (in Lee’s case) crossing of a tidal river which provided some great photo’s. More greenlanes followed as we headed north to Lewtrenchard where the day ended in the Blue Monkey for a well earned pint & plenty of enthusiastic chat. Everyone headed off home at 5ish pledging to do it again soon!