A whole year has passed since moving to Cornwall.


This however has not diminished our range and frequency of tours and locations.

We had a great Salisbury Plain weekend and lots of dates in Devon and Cornwall throughout the year.

Dartmoor and the Tavy Tamar Vallies were particularly popular

A lot of the tours popularity meant that we had to have two groups taking slightly different routes at staggered start times so as not to cause congestion or stretch the code of conduct!  Jason Brokenshire has gained great experience of our routes and is now a regular part of our team.

Jason is also the Greenlane Association (GLASS) rep for Cornwall as I am the Rep foe Devon, even though I live in Cornwall.

Jason has also as an aside planted an M57 BMW engine into his Discovery this year in his spare time so its a TD6

New routes are being planned for 2018 and also some old routes which haven’t been used for a considerable time (eg Kingsbridge / Malborough /South Milton) may come into the fray as well as further down west into Cornwall.

As we move forward we will continue to offer 25% Discounts to GLASS Members on all 1 & 2 day (weekend) events to encourage participants to become acutely aware of the anti 4×4 rhetoric and how as an organised group of drivers what is available to help us combat them, protect our hobby and learn the correct way to drive and behave on green roads.

If you would like to join GLASS visit    www.glass-uk.org  

One trip out with us will nearly pay your annual subscription so there is nothing to lose!!

We offer how to go Greenlaning Weekends for those of you who wish to take the knowledge home and run your own days for friends, family or groups.

In addition our advice is free and our experience of the area is second to none, you will get a great grounding (well hopefully not literally) as a newbie and learn even more about your vehicle and the terrain as an experienced green laner.

 Take some time to view the website and please contact me to arrange your own day or weekend event or ask any questions.


Take a look at these videos which Nick & Kell Whittle made whilst out on a weekend tour in and around Dartmoor and the Tavy/Tamar Valley