Newsletter August 2015  


We’ve certainly had a busy time since the last Newsletter, including running a new 4 day mid-week event in and around South Devon & Cornwall.

This included camping at various locations, driving in areas all across the South Devon, Dartmoor, the Tamar & Tavy Valleys and into South East Cornwall all spread over 4 days.

A full range of lanes and terrains were included and even though July was dry there were still some “situations” where vehicles needed some assistance or “another go”.

Being July it was of course overgrown and to counteract this Graham covered his Range Rover Sport in protective film (which did the job admirably). Erwin’s two week old Defender seemed relatively unscathed – apart from a slightly re-shaped roof rack. Stuarts Disco 1 complete with roof tent struggled a little in the tree lined lanes but came out the other side on all occasions! Roof rack / tents are not advised as you may have to miss some of the best lanes out altogether!

The Event will now be refined and listed again throughout the Autumn whilst camping is still possible. For those who can’t or won’t camp we can find suitable “beds” along the route, which, will allow us to offer the Event through the Winter too. That will be a great time for some mud and more challenging conditions!

In a new affiliation with the “Green Lane Association” (GLASS) we are offering discounts for all new & current GLASS members. With the current anti 4×4 rhetoric it is important that as a community we all join forces with the only recognised national body which protects our rights to drive in the countryside.

GLASS is going through a major overhaul with a new website and Executive Committee. It as a National Organisation fights lane closures and right now and may more new ideas in the pipeline. Details will soon be released.

For my part I have volunteered to be the South Devon Area Rep for GLASS. You can contact me in this capacity on

You can join GLASS at GLASS produces regular newsletters and magazines with details of area meeting reps and offers to GLASS members.

The website also carries the latest news of lanes under threat and details of how to assist the action if you are affected.

We feel it is important that all “Green Laners” get a good grounding experience and find out the best way to enjoy the activity for the good of the reputation of 4×4 Drivers as well as respecting the countryside, other user groups andupholding the code of conduct.

We can also hold “How to go Green Laning” weekends which take you through every aspect of the activity aright through to planning and driving your route.

Please contact us on for full details.


The website is now populated with one weekday and one weekend event per month, however we will be able to arrange events on most weekends of your choice and weekday events if you can’t make the advertised dates.


If 4×4 Group Event Co-ordinators wish to arrange events then please get in contact as we can arrange events for you too.

Private or bespoke events are also available – just tell us what you want for how many trucks and when you want to go!