Our Greenlane Days start at 10.30 departure at an R/V point which is usually close to a fuel and food outlet to allow you to stock up for the day. If we are meeting at a more remote location it will always state that these facilities will not be on hand.

After introductions, admin and briefings a running order will be selected for the first part of the day and then a CB Radio check undertaken (for those vehicles which have CB Radios) before we head off to the first greenlane.

Briefings at the start of each lane will be frequent to start and then diminish as the day goes on and confidence levels rise!

Photo opportunities are taken wherever they are needed as are comfort breaks. Lunch stop will be at a suitable location, dependant on weather and timing. Take the opportunity to ask questions and gain experience from the other participants as well as the guides. Everyone is keen to make the group day as enjoyable as possible. Novices soon become competant enough to tackle anything we come across – including the surprises!

The day finishes at around 3.30 / 4.00pm perhaps longer in the summer months, you will find however that by mid afternoon the levels of concentration required will have taken their toll.

Day 2 of multiple day events may start at a different time dependant on the accommodation you are in and where the route starts in relation to the site(s).

All days and all routes are flexible to allow for prevailing conditions.