If  your” Offroad Planning Experience” is limited or non existant then you have just clicked on the right page.
Even if you are an experienced Greenlaner then you will certainly benefit from  one of these Events. 
We take you through every aspect of Green Lanes from planning the day, the route, the maps, the jargon and the equipment.
On day two you drive and lead your group along the route you have plotted!
This is because we have such a vast array of  green lanes available to us with so many different terrains and conditions to drive, that any day with us will be designed to build your confidence, planning & driving abilities .                

The courses are run in the South Devon or Cornwall areas close to a large network of green lanes.

We use the GLASS code of conduct and methods of lane identification

We identify potential lanes, research them and then put your route together using all the tools available.

You will be guided through each stage of the course, plan your driving day in a safe environment.  Our local knowledge will guarantee planning your day in South Devon a success too
You will be able to undertake a full safety briefing at the start of the driving day along with vehicle checks and there will be a Q&A session for you to ask anything you may want to about the course. 

We cover all aspects of Greenlaning – we’ve been doing it successfully every month for 9 years!

You will be encouraged to work as a team with other participants throughout the day, getting invaluable experience of  planning,  guiding other drivers over the route, learning techniques which will be invaluable on the road, convoy techniques and procedures and how to apply different methods to achieve the end result.  
Our vehicles carry comprehensive levels of kit – but bring your own. We show you how to  build your own recovery kit list.
Learn what is best to carry in your vehicle, which tyres you need for your offroad driving needs. 
 Packed lunches, drinks, cameras, boots and the desire to get stuck in are also needed along with your 4×4 and equipment.
Regrouping before the River Crossing